SNMP Agent Setup - Pls help

SNMP Agent Setup - Pls help

Post by Radha Yalavarth » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


  I am trying to setup SNMP for Oracle 8.1.6 Enterprise edition and I did
setup as per the installation manual.  When ever I invoke agent.exe I'm
getting "32767 sockets available, agent.exe error accessing non-volatile




1. Setup SNMP Agent (snmp.ora)

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Hi folks,

does anybody know how to properly setup the Oracle SNMP agent and/or can
supply an appropriate 'snmp.ora'?

Many thanx,

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org:            max.mobil.
adr:            Kelsenstrasse 5-7;;;Vienna;Vienna;A-1030;Austria/Europe

title:          Internet/Intranet Analyst/Admin
tel;work:       +43-1-79585-337
tel;fax:        +43-1-79585-529
tel;home:       +43-676-3456-337
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x-mozilla-html: TRUE
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