'OCIDateToText' : function does not take 8 parameters

'OCIDateToText' : function does not take 8 parameters

Post by li.. » Sat, 02 Sep 2000 02:45:01


I am using OCI(version 8.1.5) data conversion function OCIDateToText as

void ShowBind(OCIError * errhp)
        int size;
        text * buf;
        switch (Bind.type)
        case SQLT_DAT:
                OCIDateToText(errhp, Bind.col, DATE_FMT, DATE_FMT_LEN,
     (CONST text *)NULL, 0, (ub4 *)&size, (text *)buf);

Bind.col is the OCIDate structure. I got

error C2660: 'OCIDateToText' : function does not take 8 parameters

in compiling. I just wonder if there is any inconsistency between the
documents and the function definition.

I also look at OCIDateToText definition in orl.h and it is:

sword OCIDateToText(    OCIError *err, CONST OCIDate *date,
                        CONST text *fmt, ub1 fmt_length,
                        CONST text *lang_name, ub4 lang_length,
                        ub4 *buf_size, text *buf    );

I do not know if Oracle changed the definition without modifying this
header file. I also want to know if you had this problem in OCI V 7X or



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