Problem with oidadmin on Oracle8.1.7/Linux: Missing

Problem with oidadmin on Oracle8.1.7/Linux: Missing

Post by Frank D√ľnsched » Tue, 19 Dec 2000 05:21:57

Hello all,

I've a problem with the oidadmin on Oracle8.1.7/Linux.

When I start the oidadmin (OracleInternetDirectory aka LDAP Admin tool), it
starts normally. But if I want to connect to the database the java machine
throws an error that states, that the library '' is missing. Is
there a possibility to generate this library?

BTW: oidadmin is a java tool to manage the Oracle OID/LDAP server.
-- At the time Oracle8i was new on Linux, there was a possibility to create
the '' thru the use of 'genclntsh'. Later a bugfix was
delivered by ORACLE -- Anything similar here?

--Thanks in advance, FD.


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