Identify Oracle sessions using DBLINKs

Identify Oracle sessions using DBLINKs

Post by Wolf Huebne » Wed, 04 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi there,

We are running Oracle 7.1.6 on DG/UX AViiON 5800 (Pentium). We had
recently a site go-live and do some late tuning and monitoring. We use a
dblink to access a remote database. There are some queries on the remote
database which need attention. If they are too bad they need to be

Therefore, I need a sure way to identify the UNIX PIDs and Oracle SIDs
of a user running eg. a sqlplus or sqlrep query accessing data via a
dblink with sqlnet.

I have checked/queried various of the v$-views, eg. v$session,
v$process, ... and documentation but could not find something useful. I
can identify the user (she/he has a session on the remote database) and
the command, but if that user would have multiple sessions (eg. a batch
engine), I don't know which one is the corresponding session on the
database where he came from.

Any suggestions?