US-CA-SF Bay Area-Oracle Developer

US-CA-SF Bay Area-Oracle Developer

Post by Dan Townsen » Tue, 30 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Position    : Applications/Programmer Analyst III
Specialty   : Oracle Database Design and Development
Location    : Oakland, California
Timeframe   : Applications must be received by Oct. 3, 1997
              (see below for details)

East Bay Municipal Utility District, an environmentally conscious
Water and Wastewater District headquartered in Oakland, California,
is seeking an experienced Oracle database designer and application
developer. We deploy in-house developed applications using the Oracle7
database and Developer/2000 toolset. Current work with applications
involves Object-Oriented database designs with Developer/2000
user interfaces, and intranet Web-based database content delivery.
Near-range plans call for full application delivery via our intranet.

The successful candidate will work with small teams of developers
and users to design, produce, and enhance database applications;
work closely with users to develop flexible and friendly application
interfaces; and work on all phases of projects, from inception
through deployment.

2+ years of experience working with the Oracle7 database,
Developer/2000 toolset, and PL/SQL programming are highly desirable,
as is previous large project experience. Experience with ERWin/ERX,
SQL*Plus, Microsoft FrontPage, Unix, and Windows 95 are a plus.

We are a small unit within the East Bay Municipal Utility District
well known for our creative solutions, technical excellence,
planning, and teamwork both for Oracle applications and Geographic
Information systems (GIS).

If you are interested in joining our team, or finding out more
about the position,

     Please Call: (510) 287-0735.

Request the application package for the APA III (Oracle)
recruitment. You will receive a complete application package via
return mail. Candidates must currently be qualified to work in
the USA to be considered.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Townsend, Enterprise Database Architect
East Bay Municipal Utility District
375 Eleventh Street, Oakland, CA 94607-4240


1. US-CA-SF Bay Area-Oracle Designer/Developer 2000 Gurus-Recruiter

US-CA-SF Bay Area-Oracle Designer/Developer 2000 Gurus-Recruiter

Position Id:       97422

Positions:         Oracle Designer/Developer 2000 Gurus

Skills Required:            
                    * OSes: Win 95, NT  
                    * Programming: PL/SQL, Designer 2000, Developer
                  * Database: Oracle with some DBA skills

                   * US Citizen
                   * Bachelor's degree or above in Computer
                     Science or related field
                   * "Team player"
                   * Willing to travel

Start:             IMMEDIATE!!!!
Duration:          Permanent
Pay:               Highly Competitive
Location:          San Mateo County

Large Fortune 500 company with tremendous benefits and excellent
opportunities for technical challenge and growth is looking for a
number of Oracle Designer/Developer 2000 Gurus to staff a new and
rapidly growing consulting group.  The successful candidates will
apply their Oracle knowledge to solve a diverse set of Internet based
customer problems in the West Coast area.

Cerberus Computing Corporation is responsible for recruiting
candidates for these and other positions in the Silicon Valley area.
Cerberus Computing Corporation is a firm focused on the placement of
permanent advanced software technologists and managers in the San
Francisco Bay Area.

For information about these and other opportunities, please contact us

    Charles W. Lamprey, Jr.            Phone: (408) 286-CERB
    Cerberus Computing Corporation     Fax:   (415) 680-2309
    Director of Recruiting


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Keywords: Oracle, Extranets, Web Security, cartridge,  Webcasting,
Network Computing, cartridge, Webserver, C++, Java.
Charles Lamprey
Director of Recruiting
Cerberus Computing Corporation

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