Changing a database name

Changing a database name

Post by walkerj » Tue, 30 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I'm running Oracle version on Windows NT 4.0.  We have two
databases (on different servers) with the same name.  I would like to change
the name of one to avoid any confusion that may come up.  I've tried doing a
full export and then inporting to a database with a different name.  This
didnt seem to work correctly since the data from my test database was not
imported and the internal account was corrupted.  Any suggestions on a
easier more straight-forward way of doing this?


1. Database Evolution & Change of Database Name

Hi all,

I have a few questions regarding to database evolution, hope you can
help.  Thank you in advance.

One of the main objective for my database upgrade is to cut down the
systems outage time because the database that i working on is a very
huge.  The following is the proposal that i'm working on:
a)  Duplicate the existing database A to database A".
b)  Run the database evolution and upgrade program to change database A"
schemas while the old application is still running.
c)  Upon completion of upgrade in (b), shutdown the old application and
modify the application symbolic links.
d)  Rename the database A" to database A.
e)  Brings up the new application.  By then the new application will
refers to new database A schemas

I'm not sure what i proposed is feasible for implementation.  How you
can provide me your expertise help and comments.

Besides,  can you provide me the different between dbexport and dbimport
and how they can help me in this context (see my proposal above).
Please do let me know if you have other better suggestions for me.
Thank you once again.

Have a nice day,

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