Lost in space/space lost, a space management problem

Lost in space/space lost, a space management problem

Post by sybra.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I have the following situation (Oracle 7.3.4 on Solaris)
An index has been created with an initial extent of 56k, and a next
extent of 80k, the total size of the index is 30 Oracle blocks (240k),
in 3 extents.

According to our repository the initial extent should have been 50k and
the next extent 50k.
I can see the initial extent has been rounded to a multiple of 8k, the
current block size. I more or less can imagine the minimum next extent
is 10 Oracle blocks, so 80k, although it means Oracle ignores the
storage parameters.
Yet that still doesnt account for 3 Oracle blocks. Perhaps the index
header is one of them, then I still have a situation where the final
storage parameter do not match in any way what has been specified at
creation of the index.
Whats happening?

Sybrand Bakker, Oracle DBA

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