DC-WASHINGTON Oracle DBA - Startup Company - Ground Floor Opty

DC-WASHINGTON Oracle DBA - Startup Company - Ground Floor Opty

Post by Victor T » Wed, 03 Feb 1999 04:00:00

ObjectVerse Technologies Inc (www.objectverse.com) is a small
software startup firm looking for an Oracle DBA to join as a
permanent employee.

If you have always wanted to join a group of software professionals
that are proud of their work and have hopes to make it big
together then this is your opportunity.

We have customer requirements and we also have an exciting new
developments at this time for our company.  This is the time
to join when we are still small.  Equity and/or stock options
are available to the right candidate with the right skills.  The
most improtant one right now are Oracle DBA skills on UNIX boxes
in a multi box production environment.

If you have these skills and seek to be part of a new and growing
company and want to own a piece of the pie, this is it.

 - Victor Tan (Recruiter/Principal)


1. ****Washington DC Metro - Sybase DBA's needed****Sybase DBA’s needed for Washington DC Metro**********

****Sybase DBAs needed for Washington DC Metro****

Sybase DBA's needed for state-of-the-art, cutting edge, presitigious
institution.  College Degree required- USA Citizens or H1 - VISA
resident status only.

Sun Solaris 2.X experience a plus!

Client/Server Resources has Senior Recruiters who care about you!!!  
Where do you want to live, how far do you want to commute?  What are
your technical, "Hot Buttons".

Please e-mail or Snail Mail your resume to:

Client/Server Resources - "Quality: One Person at a TIME!"
P.O. Box 61351
Potomac, Maryland  20859-1351
Telephone: (301) 983-6942

2. Wan Traffic/Disk I/O

3. DC-Washington DC Metro-259817--ORACLE-Mainframe-Oracle DBA-HP-UX-UNIX-Oracle Database Specialist

4. Make "Insert / Update" statements from multi-record recordsets

5. DC-Washington DC Metro-259876--Life Cycle Applications-DBA Skills-ORACLE-HP-UX-R

6. JDBC and Oracle's DLLs

7. 4684-DC-Washington-ORACLE Financials-ORACLE Manufacturing-DBA Skills-ORACLE-Database Administrator

8. How can I speed up this search?