Discoverer 3.0 Bug / Discr. 3.1 Features

Discoverer 3.0 Bug / Discr. 3.1 Features

Post by Michael Menz » Fri, 30 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Who knows about the bug from Dis.3 calculating
wrong equations in sums
and the new features of Disc.3.1 !




1. Help: Trying to Find Data Browser in Discoverer 3.1

In my old office, we had a version of Discoverer that had the old Data
Browser program. Although renamed to Discoverer, it was the Data Browser
program with the graphical interface - condition boxes, tables and
relationships, and the results window.

In my new office, they have Discoverer 3.1. I installed both the user
edition and the admin edition, but as yet, have found the familiar
Browser interface. There's some kind of worksheet affair.

Where is the Data Browser? Is it in Discoverer 3.1, or in some other
software. Supposedly we have the suite of Oracle products. I just need
to find Data Browser.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Most appreciated.



 Tim McLellan

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