database link problem in oracle 8

database link problem in oracle 8

Post by Janssen gilber » Wed, 17 Mar 1999 04:00:00

It is the 'COM-SERVER' that must creates the databaselink to c-318.  So
verify that 'COM-SERVER' has a tnsnames entry to open a connection to c-318.
(logon localy on COM-SERVER and try to connect to c-318, if that works the
database link will probably work)

>Here i have a problem with DATABASE LINK


1. Problem connecting to Oracle database using linked server

I am trying to connect to an Oracle remote server, but am having problems
establishing the connection.

I tried it thru the wizard as well as ran the sp_addlinked server.

This is what I did thru the wizard.

I gave the Oracle Server name as the linked server.
I choose "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle" as the provider name.
I input "Oracle" for the Product Name.
I input the SQL * Net Alias name of this remote database as the Data Source.
I am not sure what I should input in the Provider String. I just gave the
database name.

In Security, I choose the option "Be made using this security context" and gave
the oracle server user name and password.

 I tried to give MSDAORA as the provider name thru the Enterprise Manager. But it
does not let me type anything, but choose something from the drop down. So I
tried the following in the Query Analyzer

exec sp_addlinkedserver '<servername>', 'Oracle','MSDAORA','<SQL*net alias name>'

It seems to run ok but when I try to open the tables thru enterprise manager I
get the same error
"ERROR 7399; OLA DB Provider "MSDAORA" reported an error."

I have Oracle Client 8.0 installed on the server.

Once I complete this, it looks as if the link has been established but when I
click on tables and views I get the following error.

"ERROR 7399; OLA DB Provider "MSDAORA" reported an error."

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