US-CA-SF Bay Area-Los Gatos - Web DB Architect - C, SQL, UNIX, NT, HTTP (Principal)

US-CA-SF Bay Area-Los Gatos - Web DB Architect - C, SQL, UNIX, NT, HTTP (Principal)

Post by Douglas van Duyn » Tue, 13 May 1997 04:00:00

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Job Opening: Web Database Architect/Programmer (Full-time)

Do you want to help create the future by joining a challenging and fun
company? ejobs is a well-funded start up whose mission is to become the
premiere global job recruiting service. Were looking for a few
unusually bright and talented people to join our team. If you would be
interested in exploring the possibility of a position at ejobs, we
encourage you to e-mail your rsum, or send a hard copy to the address

Compensation for all openings includes significant incentive stock

Company Background
ejobs is in the early start-up phase. The high-level design of the first
product has been completed and implementation is beginning. Engineers
who join the company now are getting in on the ground floor. The
organization is flat with engineers reporting to the Vice President of
Design and Technology. The organization is expected to remain until the
first product is delivered.  The company expects to deliver its first
product in the fourth quarter of 1997.

The first ejobs product is a robust web application utilizing high-end
development tools, and client/server databases (Oracle).  This is a hot
market representing a significant opportunity for online applications
development and site automation.  Companies spend billions of dollars
advertising job opportunities. ejobs intends to provide the best system
for companies to reach job seekers. Specific product plans are
confidential at this time.

Job Description
The Database Architect/Programmer is responsible for developing
enterprise-wide data architecture that meets all operational and
reporting needs. Works with development, sales, marketing, and
accounting departments to design and implement database strategies, and
will be responsible for daily management of all operational and "data
warehouse" databases. Must be able to perform the following tasks:
analysis and selection of database servers and connectivity tools;
analysis of existing database schema and queries, and recommendations
for improvements; partitioning into parallel and/or distributed servers;
analysis of company data that is not presently in databases, and design
of new database tables; data security strategy and implementation.
Strong communication skills are essential.

Extensive database schema design experience
Four years of database programming experience and six years of general
programming experience
Track record of administering production Oracle DBs
Experience with performance & tuning, and writing efficient SQL
Candidate must be proficient in C, UNIX and NT
Knowledge of Web/Client Server Architecture essential
BS in CS or related field
Experience with World Wide Web CGI or NSAPI/ISAPI
development/programming highly desired
Experience developing mission-critical database systems is desired
Prefer experience with CORBA

PAY: open, depending on qualifications & experience. Generous PRE-IPO

Candidate should desire to work in a start-up environment.  Must enjoy
completing partially defined specifications and know how to research
problems to find answers to difficult questions.  Must enjoy tackling
and learning new technology, software, and systems.  Engineers work in a
team environment but particular areas of the project owned by a specific

ejobs, inc.
attn: Doug van Duyne
1217A Awalt Drive
Mountain View, CA 94040
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