Need help to configure SNMP AGENT in ORACLE

Need help to configure SNMP AGENT in ORACLE

Post by sach » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am having two winnt machine each having ORACLe 8.i.5. I want to manage
from the third machine where I had Installed OEM.
The problem is that I am unable to start the database agent or subagents...
Whats the way around to configure the agents. Both the master as well as
database subagent.

thanks in adavance


1. Setup SNMP Agent (snmp.ora)

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Hi folks,

does anybody know how to properly setup the Oracle SNMP agent and/or can
supply an appropriate 'snmp.ora'?

Many thanx,

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adr:            Kelsenstrasse 5-7;;;Vienna;Vienna;A-1030;Austria/Europe

title:          Internet/Intranet Analyst/Admin
tel;work:       +43-1-79585-337
tel;fax:        +43-1-79585-529
tel;home:       +43-676-3456-337
x-mozilla-cpt:  ;0
x-mozilla-html: TRUE
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