How can I create a classic MDI application using Oracle Forms?

How can I create a classic MDI application using Oracle Forms?

Post by Jeff Rudnic » Thu, 24 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I have just recently begun using Forms 5 and I have successfully created
simple single-window applications.   However, my project requirements are a
bit more demanding.

After signing the user onto the database, I would like to bring up an empty
application window and allow the user to use the classic menu selections
File->Open->PickFromMyListOfWindows to open their windows of choice.

Thus far, I have been unable to:

    1) Open just the application - for some reason, one of my windows ALWAYS
opens with the application.  Is there some property that I need to remove to
prevent this?

   2) Open a new window from the menu - when I select any of my
window-opening options, I get the following error: FRM-10242: Cannot call
linked in Forms from Form Builder.

The online help really offers no explanation about what I am doing
incorrectly.  It says, "The menu designer specified a call to linked-in
Forms from within Form Builder.  Action: Notify your DBA."

Of course, when I asked my DBA and he said this was an application issue and
he could offer no help.

Does anyone know the answers to my two problems?  Please help.

Best Regards,
Jeff Rudnick
Rudnick & Associates, Inc.


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