Long Raw and PERFORMANCE pitfalls with Oracle 7.3/4

Long Raw and PERFORMANCE pitfalls with Oracle 7.3/4

Post by Michael Shapi » Fri, 17 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hello World!

I'm using Oracle 7.3.4 Long Raw to store MS Word 7 files (1-5MB).
While I have just 200-300 files to store I don't have any performance
problem neither on update nor on insert/delete. Response time is

1. I wonder what may be future pitfalls when the Workload increase with
2. I'm experimenting with storing pointers to MS Word files rather than
storing files themselves. Any experience with this?
3. I'm well aware about Oracle 8 new data type. Any experience with this?

Practical experience will be greatly appreciated.



1. Oracle 7.3 Performance Long Raw vs. Long

Hi All,

I'm using Oracle Server 7.3.2 on Siemens OSD2. All our tables will
include a long raw column. Because PL/SQL 2.3 doesn't work on long raws,
I want to use the column type long. I make sure, that database and
client-programms (running on the server to) use identical
nls-parameters. So I avoid character set conversation. This scenario
enables the use of pl/sql via fetching longs by use of dbms_sql package.

Did anyone test the performance in a long raw / long enviroment? Did you
test to compare PL/SQL-trigger (Long) and and OCI-Calls (Long Raw)?

I'm very interested in your experience.

Regards, Steffen

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