Add user in Security Manger - doesn't show in Schema Manger

Add user in Security Manger - doesn't show in Schema Manger

Post by Patrick Kenned » Tue, 22 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Using 8.0.5 on NT.  Everything local.
If I create a new user in Security Manager, it doesn't show
up in Schema Manger.  This use to work, but no longer does
and as far as I can tell nothing has changed in environment.
Uses same Tablespaces as ones that do show up.
Refresh or rebooting makes no difference.
Anybody got a clue what I might be missing?

thanks much.


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Hi everyone
 I installed sql 6.5 evaluation version in my nt 4.0 workstation which is
standalon machine for two days

   One problem is sql enterprise manager . I use sp_helpserver in isql/w to
find my serer name is "ming" and network_name is "ming" and status is blank and
id is "0"
When I start sql enterprise manager, the register server shows some error
messages when I try to reigister server "ming"
  the error message is " unable to connect to server( reason:[DB-LIBRARY]
Unable to connect , sql server is unavailable or does not exist specified sql
server not found.

  do you know how to make it worked.
thanks a lot

ming qin

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