proc library problem

proc library problem

Post by Anith » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have an application which calls fork, when i link the execuatble with
8.0.5 oracle libraries, the program seg faults right before fork. The
same program does not have any problem when linked using 7.3.4
libraries. I greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thsi happens on AIX
4.2.1 machine.



1. Handling errors in a stored proc called from c++ program using db-library

I am calling a stored proc from my c++ program. I connect
to sql server using db library.

I am running stored procedure(sp_Proc) in asynchronusly
using dbsqlsend, dbdataready and dbsqlok.

My problem is that, my stored proc is failing at random
places. I mean dbsqlsend is returning SUCCEED, dbdataready
is returning true, but dbsqlok is returning FAILED. But I
am not able to get the error message/number from the
stored procedure. I have registered dbmsghandle and
dberrhandle. But neither of these are reporting any error.

I have also tried to bind the first column using dbbind to
get the error message from stored proc, but it hangs at
this point.

I would like to return the error code from stored proc and
receive it in the C++ program.

Can anyone help me. Thanks in advance.

- Sukanta

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