searching an appropriate oracle version

searching an appropriate oracle version

Post by Jean-Francois Beaulie » Thu, 05 Jun 1997 04:00:00


  I used Oracle several years ago but just during 3 months. I'm
unemployed actually and someone told me 1 month ago that there is a
personal version of oracle that I can download free, 40 megs as he
stated. Now, on the oracle site, it seems that it take more than 300
megs on a I can not buy for 15,000$ of computer equipment each
year, with technological changements it seems I'll need to change my
hard drive of 1 gig and I spent too much on other things before. I want
to use it with java and improve my experience, but now I've several
other applications that I need to keep. Is there any oracle version ,
let say an old version of personnal oracle that is available somewhere?
Something that wouldn't
take more than 100 megs on my hard drive? Please send an email copy of


1. Appropriate dirve size for Oracle DB


I recently heard that Oracle performs better with smaller drives in a
RAID set (3 Gig to 9 Gig) and a larger drive size of say 32 Gig for
each drive is not preferable.  Any truth to this? If so, why?

Thanks in advance,
Mark H.,

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