Client files?

Client files?

Post by Ken Leac » Wed, 22 Oct 1997 04:00:00

   I have an Oracle 7.3 server using TCP/IP.
I also have a Delphi application on the client that needs to have proper
Oracle drivers installed.
I would like to have EVERYONE in the company share the Oracle Aliases as
well as the driver on a shared network drive (Novell)
I think all I need on each client (which are anything from Win3.1, '95
or NT 4.0) is a pointer to the oracle home shared directory?

Has ANYONE had any experience with this type of setup?

PLEASE respond!


1. Client Files & Locations

MS Tech Support has told me that there is no way to accommplish a client
install without using the CD-ROM.  For reasons not important here, I
cannot access a CD-ROM from the Windows 95 workstations that need the MS
SQL Server 6.5 client software.

Is there a list of file/locations?  If I knew for sure that files
weren't placed anywhere except \MSSQL\BINN, then I'd know what to do.
Is that the case?

Thanks for any help,
- Bill

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