Running different versions of a forms 4.5 app on Win95

Running different versions of a forms 4.5 app on Win95

Post by Steve Mai » Wed, 24 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hello Group,

I have a question about running different versions of the same forms 4.5
application on a Win95 machine.  We have a pricing application running on a
win95 box, we are now creating a version 2 pricing application and would
like to run both versions at the same time on the same box.  The problem
seems to be the Windows registry.  How do I have separate oracle homes in
the windows registry for each version of the application.

Application server NT 3.51
Client machine Win95
Oracle server

Hope this make sense

Steve Main
Database administrator
Quality Food Centers


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I have been trying to modify an Apps 10.7 form.
This is a GUI form in forms 4.5
But when I try to run this form in Dev 2000 : forms 4.5
I get the error : on error trigger failure.

This form  requires two other forms to run as the objects
in this form are connected. I have put these other forms
APPSTAND.frm and INVSTAND.frm in the same directory
in C: drive. I have put the path of this directory  Forms_Path  
registry. I am trying to run this form in Windows 95.

The form runs fine on the apps.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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