OAS 4.0.6 wrks problems!!!!!

OAS 4.0.6 wrks problems!!!!!

Post by Pier Paolo Borton » Sat, 17 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I need your help!
Why OAS gives this exception???

OWS-04793:Operation oracle_OAS_Cartridge_OASCartridge_remove_nw returns
exception IDL:omg.org/CORBA/UNKNOWN:1.0  `

OWS-04766:Unable to bring down Cartridge Server Instance <application>
pid 620 at <host> due to exception unknown.  `

I'm become crazy.

Pier Paolo


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(John I'm copying you directly as I know you've experienced similar symptoms
though using OAS

We currently have OAS 4.0.6 and are using the pl/sql cartridge. Lot's of fun
generally (retrieving information to browser is fine), but when attempting
to perform an update or insert, good old Dr Watson appears with his
stethoscope and pronounces wrks.exe to be terminally ill.

As I don't know what wrks.exe does and where it fits in to the whole
architecture, my remarks about 'update or insert' could be misleading - I
imagine the problem is around the 'post' of the data fields from the web
browser....all this stuff works fine with OWS 2.1. Oh, and I get the same
problem whether I am using Netscape (4.0.6) or IE (4.0).

Any takers?


Jeremy Ovenden
HazelWeb Systems Ltd

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