info about ads from karen van dijk from

info about ads from karen van dijk from

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Dear Friends,

returning back saying sender unknown. Karen[Karen Van Dijk] if you read
this can you tell me if this email address is correct or not




1. Designing COM database objects to handle ad-hoc queries

Anyone have any ideas on the best way to design COM database objects so they
handle ad-hoc queries?

For example: If you've got a "Customer" COM object that will access a
customer database table, how can that COM object be designed to return
information like "select customer name where customer birthdate > 01/01/1970
and customer purchases > $50"?  Ideally the object would then only contain
customers matching that criteria.  Should the database object even be able
to perform processes such as this or should it be left to a higher-level

Any experiences and ideas are very appreciated.

Fred Meyer
National Computer Systems

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