Q: Webserver and NFS

Q: Webserver and NFS

Post by Anja Moessbau » Fri, 17 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I use Webserver 2.0.3 on NT. I try to map to a NFS, but the Listener
do not start. In Logfile I read "cant open directory" -
can anyone help !
Use someone successfully an NFS with Webserver ?
I'm no NT-Profi, but local I have full access to the Filesystem.


1. Linux NFS with HP-UX NFS

I am currently working on trying to get HP-UX 10.30 running on an HP 900
K200 to talk to Redhat Linux 5.0 running on an Intel Pentium PC.

I have NFS setup on both platforms and they can talk to each other no
problem. I can copy data files to and from the exported and mounted

However when I try to open Unidata  files stored on the Linux box to the HP
, UniData complains that it cannot create locks, and data cannot be written
to the file or read from it. I have tried changing read/write block sizes
but this makes no difference.

1) Has anyone tried to do this before or between different platforms e.g
RS600, AS400.

2) Is possibly something to with the Linux file system  type. Linux does
support other file systems.

I would be most interested to hear from you.

David Travers
Blairs of Scotland

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