utl_file privlieges

utl_file privlieges

Post by Carla Smi » Sat, 05 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Applications staff wants to let all users have execute privilege on the package
utl_file.  They have the sub-directories limited in each users oracle.ini file
and by not having execute, they are are facing the problem of giving out
the application password as the application logon id is the only one with
execute privileges.  I don't know enough about the package to know if
there is a problem granting the access.

we're oracle 7.3.3 on aix.
thanks for any help.

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   Does anyone know of a way to store the filehandle returned value from
UTL_FILE.FOPEN in a PL/SQL table ?


          type file_details is record
               (disp_pipe_id varchar2(20),
                disp_file_id utl_file.file_type);   <<<<=============
doesn't seem to like this bit ?!?!

          type tab_file_details is table of file_details
               index by binary_integer;

          rec_file_detail    tab_file_details;


   if rec_file_detail(rec_counter).disp_pipe_id = returnpipe then
        file_id := rec_file_detail(rec_counter).disp_file_id;
        file_open := utl_file.is_open(file_id);
        if file_open then
            anyerrors := 'File already open';
            exit ;
        end if;
    end if;

Sorry if it's a stupid question

Thanks in advance if it's not



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