9iR2 DB Configuration Assistant runs out of memory

9iR2 DB Configuration Assistant runs out of memory

Post by peter.pelto.. » Thu, 11 Jul 2002 23:53:15

On Red Hat Linux 7.2 in installation DB Configuration Assistant fails to
create / start the Oracle start due ORA-27102 "Out of memory".

I have 512M of RAM and 1G of swap (which the system has used none). I set
my shmmax to 256M. I also tried to increase it to 1G and Retry with no

Is there a bug in the installation or am I doing something wrong? Can I
create the instance manually afterwards (the Assistant had finished the
parts "Copying database files" and "Initializing database").

Or should I just get more RAM (which should be not the case, as the system
isn't even swapping yet).

I've installed 9iR1 succesfully on the same box.



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Hi All :

I'm getting the following error on a client
connecting to a 9iR2 RAC

ORA-27102 error "out of memory"
HP-UX Error: 12: Not enough space

We're connecting about 170 users to the DB..

We have been looking at the errors we have
been seeing. This is the
dedicated server process

When I run swapinfo -t on the HP-UX 11.11 box,
I see that there's more
than enough swap space free. I'm running
64-bit HP-UX..

If it's a full/fragmented global address space
issue., how do I resolve



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