Oracle Performance by Adaptive Performance Tool

Oracle Performance by Adaptive Performance Tool

Post by Alex Gorbach » Sun, 28 Oct 2001 05:31:55

APT, a product of Intelligent Systems Services Inc.
(,, has the following
unique capabilities that helps Oracle users achieve the best possible
database performance levels:

- Single point rapid analysis of OS and Oracle load trends

- Extremely fast web based graphs with source generated by efficient
data reduction engine

- Quickly adapts to and analyzes multiple application, O/S, database

- Interactive true data zoom technology that gives Web based graphics
the speed and dynamics of desktop graphics

We appreciate your interest and will be glad to set up a demo.

Alex Gorbachev
ISS Inc.


1. Oracle 7.3 performance vs. Oracle 7.2 performance

We are considering a migration from Oracle 7.2.3 to Oracle 7.3.3 for
performance reasons.

I would be interested in anybody's experiences (good or bad!) on what kind
of performance improvements they have seen, which features provided the
best improvement, etc.    I am interested in the differences in general
and am also interested in the differences in particular on NCR 3500 boxes
running NCR Unix 3.01.

Thanks in advance...

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