Forms 4.5 object navigator

Forms 4.5 object navigator

Post by Lisa Davi » Thu, 16 Jan 1997 04:00:00


In the Oracle forms navigator, is there a way to do an 'expand all'
operation without expanding levels where there are no leaves?
e.g. if you want to view all your item-level triggers in a block,and
do an 'expand all', it expands all the empty trigger stubs for all
the items, when all I want to view is stuff thats actually there!
Does any one else find this irksome, or is there a way around it?



1. Form 4.5 OLE object validation message


I works under Form4.5 / Oracle 7.3
I have a Word document in an Ole2 item and I don't want this document to be
modified. I put the property Query Only at True.
Whatever I do, when i make a Requery in this block after editing a document,
Forms ask me if i want to save changes.
I tried to clear block, record, commit all, rollback, change record, from
Nothing works and I always have the message "Do you want to save the changes
you have made ?".
I only have this pb with OLE item.

Does anyone can help me ?



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