SMALLWORLD/ GIS Programmers, Denver CO!!!

SMALLWORLD/ GIS Programmers, Denver CO!!!

Post by Tech-Connec » Fri, 03 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Are you looking for new challenges and an employer who values your
contributions with recognition and rewards?  Check this out!!!

SMALLWORLD/GIS Software Programmer:

Exceptional opportunity for a team player with the right skills.  This firm
is a leader in the GIS and Utilities market and can thus compensate
employees well, i.e. salary, benefits, etc.  Enjoy a beautiful working
environment in the Denver area.  International candidates are welcome.


-Extensive experience in Smallworld programming or an equivalent
-Significant background in Geographical Information Systems or related
fields, i.e. Civil, Electrical, or Urban engineering
-solid programming experience in: C/C++, ARCinfo, Visual Basic,
Microstation, Powerbuilder,
-background in the utilities industry helpful
-ability to work on NT or UNIX platforms
-ability to work with Relational Databases (SQL)
-strong communication skills, team player, self motivated

Salary, stock, relocation, and benefits will be provided.

This position is located in the southern part of the Denver Metro area.

If this sounds appealing in any way, contact our local, professional
staffing team at Tech-Connect. Click on this link to send your resume (Word

to 303-814-0933

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Phone:  303-814-0940
FAX:  303-814-0933