SQL*Loader on ORACLE 7.3.2 error

SQL*Loader on ORACLE 7.3.2 error

Post by Alexey M. Reshet » Tue, 03 Jun 1997 04:00:00

        Excuse me!
        On my ORACLE 7.3.2 on Digital Unix SQL*Loader with option
DIRECT=TRUE returns internal error LDR-703 and aborting. The same
option on ORACLE 7.1.6 on Digital Unix running successfully. After
remaking sqlldr nothing was changed.
Does anybody found error like this?

Alexey M. Reshetov


1. SQL Loader error: SQL*Loader-282


I'm trying to load some data using SQL*Loader & am getting the
following error message:

SQL*Loader-282: unable to locate character set handle for character
set ID (0)

I had a look on The Net for information about this, and found the

"Cause: SQL*Loader could not find the character set handle for the
given character set ID.

Action: The character set ID was obtained from the database server,
the SQL*Loader client does not have knowledge of the given character
set ID. Possible mismatch of NLS data on the client and server side."

However, the action is so vague, I really haven't got a clue as how to
combat the problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem and can
suggest a solution? (I'm trying to run it through Windoze onto the
Oracle database which is on a Sun, which is probably where the problem

Thanks for any help,


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