Oracle8 for NT database loading problems

Oracle8 for NT database loading problems

Post by Songchun M » Fri, 13 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I just installed Oracle8 for NT V.8.0.3.  When I tried to load some sample
databases, an error message came out: An application error has occurred:
Exception:stack overflow (OXC0000fd), address:0x00487d1f.  I checked the
error log.  It did not give any specific application name.  Any one can
help me there?



1. DATABASE LOAD problem with NT SQL Server

We had a crash last week and I had to recover the database. Before I can
load the old contents, I needed to arrange the tables appropriately, so I
generated all the tables from scripts, created default user and login and
then loaded the backup file with LOAD DATABASE.

Problem is, LOAD DATABASE loads the contents of all tables (which already
exist in the database), sets permissions to the default user and owner of
the tables, but trashes the database information. I set up the database
to login with, say XXX, and get to be user YYY, which is the owner of all
the tables in the database. After LOAD DATABASE, I can still login as
XXX, but I get to be dbo, no access permissions to the tables of user YYY.

Apparently, there is no way to change the user associated with a login,
once the login exist. And I can't drop the login, since dropping the
login also drops the user, and that user has tables in the database.
Since my front-end (Access 2.0) communicates with the SQL Server by
logging in, I lose all access to the tables.

Is there any way to change the user of a login, without creating a new
user. Or am I loading the database backup the wrong way?

Asaf Arkin

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