Some icons do not appear on ADI toolbar

Some icons do not appear on ADI toolbar

Post by Agung Kurniaw » Wed, 20 Feb 2002 17:29:58

I have installed ADI 7.1.1 on Win 2000 Professional. Everything seems
OK to me except some icons (asset group, request center, to name a
few) do not appear on ADI toolbar. I tried to add the icons from the
toolbar setting but that also didn't work. Anybody has a solution? The
oracle application is 10.7SC.



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I have run DTSTasks.exe on my SQLserver and when I launch the DTS
designer on the nt server The dts processing task icon appears.
However when I register the server from my client workstation and
launch DTS designer, the icon does NOT appear .
I have tried recycling sql and reooting the machines but to no avail.

Any ideas ??

Thanks and merry Christmas


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