Documentation on Oracle Data Cartridges?

Documentation on Oracle Data Cartridges?

Post by Kees van 't Ho » Fri, 14 Feb 1997 04:00:00


I am looking on documentation for data cartridges for Oracle NCA (like
Illustra's datablades). I could not find anything at the Oracle sites.

I was wondering if anyone knows a location where some info is

Thanks in advance.



CWI; Amsterdam; The Netherlands.


1. data cartridge documentation

Hi folks!

I was looking for some information about data cartridges.

the only thing I found were
user docs about spacial, image, ConText Cartridges and
development of wrb cartritges.

Does anyboudy know where I can find general information about cartridges
eg capabilities, restrictions , development (not wrb cartridges)?

Thank you in advance

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