Oracle DBA Looking for Work

Oracle DBA Looking for Work

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September - present               _Oracle DBA_                  Transport Canada
1997                                                             Ottawa, Ontario

Oracle 7.3.3 on HP-UX 10.2/NT 4.0, Designer/2000 1.3.2, SQL*Plus,
Oracle Data Manager 1.3.5

Primarily responsible for the design, documentation and testing of a procedure
to support the corporate decision to amalgamate the 6 TIPS (Transport Integrated
Personnel System) databases across Canada. Development stages included:
 - the design, coding and testing of all necessary SQL*Plus scripts
 - setup of Designer/2000 including installation of the repository
 - reverse engineering of the TIPS database into Designer/2000
 - limited re-design of the TIPS database including conversion of indices to
   proper primary keys, removal of obsolete tables and columns, renaming of
   columns for consistency, re-design of the audit trail to be more efficient,
   easier to use and to track changes to and from null values
 - the design of distributed views to allow symmetrically replicated data to
   continue flowing between all databases in a partially amalgamated production

Additionally responsible for the following:
 - diagnosis of all production database problems related to data including:
    - any and all problems with snapshots and symmetrically replicated tables
      (example: the identification and re-design of problematic audit triggers
      that were preventing replication and the subsequent re-synchronization of
      the data)
 - providing application database support for all releases of the TIPS
   application suite including:
    - the design and documentation of procedures for setting up an updatable
      snapshot schema
    - translation, documentation and re-design where appropriate of front end
      Centura SQLWindows code into back-end PL/SQL stored procedures

August - September             _Oracle Developer_        Canada Post Corporation
1997     1997                                                    Ottawa, Ontario

Oracle 7.3.2, SQL*Plus 3.3

Responsible for the design, coding and testing of audit triggers for a database
which tracked Y2K conversion progress (all 55 triggers were generated from a
dynamic SQL statement based on the data dictionary for speed and accuracy).

Additionally responsible for writing report queries.

April - August                    _Oracle DBA_                  Transport Canada
1997    1997                                                     Ottawa, Ontario

Oracle 7, SQL*Plus

Primarily responsible for supporting programmers in their development efforts on
the TIPS project.

November - May                 _Oracle Developer_                     Bell Sygma
1996       1997                                                  Ottawa, Ontario

Oracle 7, SQL*Plus

Responsible for the ongoing re-design and development of the Customer Pack
Oracle Web Server based client-server application.  Tasks mainly consisted of:
 - coding PL/SQL functions, packages and procedures to generate the HTML front
   end interface in addition to handling the application's other processes
 - SQL optimization with the aid of explain plans including the subsequent
   creation of indices where appropriate
 - identification of table structural changes required for adequate performance

April - December                  _Oracle DBA_                    Public Works &
1996    1996                                          Government Services Canada
                                                                 Ottawa, Ontario
Oracle Case Dictionary, SQL*Plus, Exceed

Primarily responsible for supporting programmers in their development efforts on
the OIS (Occupancy Instrument System) project.  Duties included:
 - the implementation of table structural changes first in Oracle Case
   Dictionary, then on the development database
 - SQL optimization via explain plans and database hints where required
 - design of stored procedures, tables, views, sequences and other database

Also responsible for:
 - restructuring all OIS code tables, containing both English and French
   descriptions, to meet the corporate requirement that there be a language free
   code table keyed to a second code description table.  This was executed in a
   way which did not hinder development efforts by programmers on the database
 - the development and documentation of deployment procedures (including default
   data population scripts) for the OIS database to 7 production regions across

May - April                    _Junior Oracle DBA_              Transport Canada
1995  1996                                                       Ottawa, Ontario

Oracle, SQL*Plus, Oracle Import, Reflection, System Architect

Responsible for the following on the TIPS project:
 - the design, implementation and testing of PL/SQL functions, procedures,
   packages and triggers (including use of the dbms_sql package to do dynamic
   SQL and DDL operations) in support of application development
 - the investigation, subsequent correction and documentation of data quality
 - limited analysis and documentation of the existing database structure within
   the case tool System Architect
 - installation of Oracle on a NT server and subsequent construction of a test
   database from the parameter files up

Additionally produced report queries upon request.

May - April                   _Junior Programmer_   Solar Calorimetry Laboratory
1991  1994                                       Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
                                                              Queen's University
                                                               Kingston, Ontario

Designed, constructed, tested and documented software for the download of data
from 50+ remotely located data acquisition systems once a week via
telephone/modem linkups.

July - December         _Technical Support Staff Person_               JKL Micro
1989   1989                                                    Distribution Inc.
                                                               Kingston, Ontario

Assembled PC's from such basic components as motherboards, power supplies, hard
drives, I/O and graphics cards, etc.

Responsible for testing, packing and otherwise assuring the quality and
reliability of such systems.


May 1995         Certificate of Database Application Developer       CompuSkills
                                                                 Ottawa, Ontario

June 1991        Bachelor of Science (Honours)                Queen's University
                 Major: Computing Science                      Kingston, Ontario

                           ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS
Computer related skills:
 - database application developer training included Oracle Forms 4.0 and Oracle
   Reports 2.0
 - hardware experience includes Sun Microsystems workstations as well as
   Macintosh series machines
 - programming language experience includes C, Pascal and Assembler
 - familiar with FrameMaker 3.00 (desktop publishing), MS Word 7.0 as well as
   Mathematica 3.0.1 (an exploratory mathematics tool)

Other skills:
 - demonstrated interpersonal skills in the service industry and through crisis
   counseling on a limited scale
 - proven mediator in conflict situations
 - very capable under stress

                             ACTIVITIES & INTERESTS

Tennis, weight training, dance, downhill skiing.

Volunteer work includes 2 years with Telephone Aid Kingston manning nightly
distress phone lines, as well as 8 months visiting patients at Kingston General


Will be provided upon request. Letters of recommendation also available.


Please note that I am open to working in any large, English-speaking city
anywhere in the world except Ottawa and that I will be available to start full
time at the end of December (possibly earlier).

If possible, I would like to find employment on a new large project:
 - with a firm that has experience bringing in foreign workers (if you are not a
   Canadian company) and that is willing to fly me back here to Ottawa
   frequently (at least for the first couple of months)
 - that requires either extensive travel or an initial commitment of no more
   than 6 months.

Ideally I would also like to get some production DBA experience (structuring
tablespaces in an OFA compliant manner; designing backup procedures; re-building
corrupt databases; database optimization; unix installations; shell scripting;
etc.) to balance out the wealth of application DBA experience I would be
bringing to the position. If possible, I would like to obtain this experience
within a formal support network of experienced DBA's.

I am energetic, imaginative and ideally suited to an environment with lots of
spirited young people that is likewise dynamic, hard driving and hard playing.

If interested please feel free to contact me at


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