sql loader and ora-01008 (cross posted to tools)

sql loader and ora-01008 (cross posted to tools)

Post by Patricia J. Paulso » Thu, 12 Jul 2001 11:57:54


I am trying to run sql loader to load a flat file and keep getting error
ora-01008 (not all variables bound).  Any suggestions?  The control file is
straightforward, copied right over another that works, just changed table
and column names and positions.  Also having problems with a date column,
says the datatypes are incompatible (it just needs to convert 20010707 and
the format mask is DATE "RRRRMMDD)  I don't have it here, I'm at home now.
I'm just back to work after 5 months (maternity).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



1. ORA-03106 alt. ORA-01008

Dear fellow netizens,

Please help me. I get some Oracle errors from my program. The errors are
ORA-03106 and more seldom ORA-01008. The environment where the program
is running is an AIX machine with Oracle ver 7.3.X and SNA server ver
3.1. The AIX version is 4.1.X.

My program is multi-threaded and I have a theory about the SNA
communication disturbing the Oracle handles and structs in memory. How I
don't know. The only thing I know is that if I disable all SNA and run
the program in "simulation"-mode it will run for days and weeks without

Have anybody had similar problems?

If you need more details about setup and program-structure, please


Mattias Wahlberg
Systems Programmer
Noventus Systems AB, Gothenburg, Sweden

Phone: +46-31-7208000
Fax: +46-31-7208010

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