Anybody using Veritas clustering & MTS?

Anybody using Veritas clustering & MTS?

Post by Richard Armstron » Sat, 21 Jul 2001 08:17:01

A bug (1399256) in Oracle 8.1.7 appears to prevent multithreaded server
being used on Veritas clusters.  I understand that this has something to do
with the MTS dispatchers not being able to connect to the shared or
'floating' IP address used to identify the cluster.

I have read that there is a workaround for this problem involving
modification of some parameters in the Oracle initialisation file.  Does
anybody know anything about this?  I'd be very glad to hear from anybody who
is successfully using Veritas and MTS or from anybody who knows for sure
whether this is possible.

Thanks in advance,



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2xCompaq Server
Clustered environment running NT4p6 / SQL Server7sp2.

2 X Compaq Proliant DL580
2 X 2.5 gB Memory
2 X 4 PIII 700mHz Xeon CPUs
2 X Compaq Smart Controller 3200 (internal)
External Disk System - Compaq Storage Works 4000/4100
Compaq HA F2000 Cluster Kit

Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise  with SP6a
SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise with SP2
Compaq Standard Utilities
Compaq Cluster Services and Agents
NT Option Pack 4.0 incl MTS
Mdac 2.1
MQSeries 5.1
Microsoft Clustering (MSCS)
Veritas Net Backup agent


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