Oracle 8i v. 8.1.5 and NetWare 4.11

Oracle 8i v. 8.1.5 and NetWare 4.11

Post by Nadine Misiasze » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

The Novell SysOp referred me to an Oracle list so here goes.  Has anyone
installed Oracle 8i v. 8.1.5 on NetWare 4.11?  Have you had any

Oracle documentation says NW 4.2 but I understand that NW 4.2 is just a
generic release of 4.11.  We cannot upgrade to 4.2 at the moment and
wonder if we will cause problems if we load Oracle 8i.  We have a test
instance that works but does cannot find one Novell module.  Also our
test is not getting any hard use so we are hoping to benefit from
another's experience.


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Hi group,

We are planning to upgrade our two Netware 3.x fileservers to Netware

Somebody told me that Btrieve is no longer shipped with Netware 4.11.
Is this true?

So yes, does anybody know a Dutch company where we can buy Btrieve?

If not, which version of Btrieve comes along with Netware 4.11 and how
many users-version is it?

Thanks in advance.


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