Migrating from MS SQL Server 7.0 to Oracle

Migrating from MS SQL Server 7.0 to Oracle

Post by M Mulquee » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi, all

We have a web-based application using ASP and the backend db is in MS Sql
Server 7.0.  We want to develop a version with an Oracle backend.  We have
Oracle 8i.  We downloaded the Migration Workbench and did a preliminary
migration which came back with about 50% of our 150 stored procedures
failing to port. Most of the sps are basic select, updates, etc.  But maybe
20 of them have temp tables and/or cursors.

Can anyone give us an idea of what it might take to port this over?  We
estimated that it would entail rewriting some sps and minimal changes to
the ASP.  In general, what sp changes might force the rewriting of ASP
code?  We were thinking that the changes would be invisible to the ASP...

Help!!!  We also estimated a two months of time to do this and now we're
thinking that it will take longer.  Migration of the data model, the data
itself, working on the ASP and then writing an application to migrate for
upgrades...  Does anyone have experience doing these?  



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