How to reverse engineer database w/Designer2000?

How to reverse engineer database w/Designer2000?

Post by Keith Kwiate » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello Bright one!

I am new to Designer 2000....

I have an existing database, that I want to "reverse engineer"...How do I
accomplish the following:
1) read in the existing schema  ( how do I set this up and do it?)
2) produce an entity relationship diagram
3) modify the schema
4) recreate a new database




1. Reverse Engineering / Database Diagram?

I'm still new to SQL Server so this may be a stupid question.  

We ahve install a application called TrackIt on our server.   It is a
canned application for tracking PC resources.  Anyway, the user was
interested in if we can reverse engineer a datamodel from the

Besides Enterprise Manager I have no access to any tools.  I went to
create a new database diagram which allows me to generate a view of
the tables but it looks like I could corrupt the database this way.

What are my options?


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