Returning a full cursor record from procedure

Returning a full cursor record from procedure

Post by mark tomlins » Sat, 30 May 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>It occurs to me that maybe I'm asking the wrong question.  What I really need
>to do is return a record set consisting of multiple records to a Visual Basic
>5 program.  What is the best way to go about doing that?

You must use an ODBC driver that supports this, (i.e. the Intersolv
3.1x or the MS Oracle ODBC driver 2.73.x), the Oracle provided ODBC
drivers do not.

1. Query (with Cursor) returning different record sets does not work in DTS

We are developing a DTS package to extract all the parent and child
records data, using cursors, for a given condition.

We have written a SQL/SP, which gets all the parent/child order
details, using 3 cursors. When I run this query on SQL Query Analyzer,
it returns multiple records - PO_HDR, PO_ITEM,PO_CS(with different
record columns -which is right). When I run the same query within the
DTS (as a query or Stored procedure), it gives only one record - which
is wrong. I don't know, whether cursor or different select statements
within that is causing that problem.

Cursor1 (select col1, col2)
    cursor2 (select col3, col4)
        cursor3 (select col4, col5)

Please help

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