Return a value from a javascript function to a PL/SQL procedure

Return a value from a javascript function to a PL/SQL procedure

Post by Tom Deseamu » Sat, 28 Apr 2001 09:09:17

I want to return a value from a javascript function into a PL/SQL variable.
Here is some example code of what I'm trying to do.

PROCEDURE Confirm_Delete_User IS

Quote:> x VARCHAR2(1000);
> htp.htmlopen;

> htp.bodyopen;
>    htp.print('<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT">');
>    htp.print('function c_del()');
>    htp.print('{');
>    htp.print(var answer = confirm("Are you sure you
> wish to delete?");
>    htp.print('return answer');
>    htp.print('}');
>    htp.print('--></SCRIPT>');

> htp.bodyclose;
> htp.htmlclose;

The javascript function computes the javascript variable "answer", I want to
store that in the PL/SQL variable "x"  Anyone have any ideas.



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Hi, all

I'm quite new in PL/SQL but experienced in other program languages. I started
with some basic functions returning a single value from function so I can use
the syntax

SELECT [Package].[Function(Parameter)] FROM DUAL

This works already fine.

What comes next is the implementation of function which return resultset-like
structures of non-existing tables. Can I accomplish syntaxes like

SELECT [Package].[Function(Parameter)].[Member] FROM DUAL or
SELECT [Package].[Function(Paramter)] FROM DUAL with the output

%: Member1 Member2 Member3
%: -----------------------
%: Value1  Value2  Value3

The members are basic types. Any hint or information would be very helpful.


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