Winword vs Forms-Developper/2000 Oracle

Winword vs Forms-Developper/2000 Oracle

Post by Pedro Passaport » Thu, 13 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I would like to know if anyone can give me a hand... my problem is :
I work with forms Developper/2000 for windows NT - Oracle, i need to know how
 can i search for a word in all my documents in Word.
For example: the word is 'Cows' i want as result the names of the files
 containning that word.




1. Dynamic form generation with Developper 2000


We are developping a payroll application using Oracle 8 and developper
2000. Among it's functionnalities, we offer the possibility for the user
to define during
execution time, his own table, and create them dynamically in the
database (for exemple, the user may wish to create a table giving the
salary vs employee pos
ition. Until now there is no problem, a simple CREAT TABLE can do this.
But we have to give the user the possibility to populate his new table
using the application interface.

The problem is that the table structure isn't known in advance and may
vary from
a table to another : logically, we have no forms associated to these
tables because they have been created by the user. Does anyone have an
idea on how to give
the possibility to the user to populate the table in these conditions,
by a dynamic form generated during execution, and based on the table
structure. Or maybe
another idea to explore.


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