WebDB 2.2 parameters

WebDB 2.2 parameters

Post by Milan Olse » Thu, 26 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I am all new to WebDB 2.2 so excuse me my stupid question, but here it goes:

I have made two reports, and I what to link them together (by a 'unit_id'
field, not that it matters) with a hyperlink. The first page shows only some
data, but the second page shows all the data.

Now, I what to click on a field, on the first page and automatically be
forwarded to the second page. Bu, I want the resulting unit_id number (the
field that was clicked on) to be a part of the select statement in the
second page.

How do I pass parameters?

What do I write in the first and the second page?

 Please help me.