Personal Oracle and Oracle Client on same box - UPDATE

Personal Oracle and Oracle Client on same box - UPDATE

Post by Norman Dunba » Tue, 30 Oct 2001 20:37:17

Morning all,

I recently posted a query asking if anyone had managed to get PO plus
client working on the same box. (No replies :o))
I then posted an answer from a TAR I raised with support - they say it
doesn't work without much farkling with registery
dumps/restores/changing paths and rebooting the box.

I have just installed PO817 on two laptops and my own PC just to check.
It appears that PO817 has client built in and the following changes are
all that are required to make it all work :

I installed on a clean machine.
I accepted the defaults for the install type, and also a typical
I set the local instance name to ORCL (just to be standard !)

When done, edit the SQLNET.ORA file and change the authentication to
Add a line with NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN = world (in your case it may be
different - adjust as required)

Edit the installed TNSNAMES.ORA file and change ORCL to ORCL.WORLD (or
as poer your default domain defined above) and then merge in all the
other databse details as appropriate.

It all just works !

Hope this proves useful to someone out there !


PS. Don't forget to shut down the Apache http server that the
installation starts up - if you don't need it !


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