Ann: AdoAnywhere ADO Based Inspection Tool Free.

Ann: AdoAnywhere ADO Based Inspection Tool Free.

Post by Mike Collier AdoAnywhe » Wed, 28 Jan 2004 07:29:08

AdoAnywhere browser allows you to open connections to your database
using ADO. The tool then reports the availability of underlying ADO
object properties , methods and events.

Handy for establishing differences between Microsoft & Oracle OLEDEB

Mike Collier


1. AdoAnywhere - Free Christmas Licence

Since it is Christmas,

We would like to offer a FREE software licence, to anyone sending a request

For those people who have not seen the help messages on this newsgroup...

AdoAnywhere browser helps you understand the settings that are used in your
ADO environment and determine how they affect your program functionality.

Merry Christmas
Mike C

Michael Collier Bsc (Hons) Comp Sci
ADO Support Tools.

All information in this message is provided 'As is' and without warranty of
any kind.

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