API CreateProcess and further child fails

API CreateProcess and further child fails

Post by Peter Baile » Fri, 16 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Bit of a long shot here.. but I'am using the API CreateProcess from
VB to launch a command line that runs the Oracle runtime module
F45Run32.EXE on an NT system (I then use WaitForSingleObject
to wait till its complete so I can clean up the environment)

Now if I execute the same command line directly then all is
well. But when I use CreateProcess to do it, it all starts OK.. untill
the forms module tries to create a further child process ...
at this point it just hangs up.. and I have to use the Task Manager
to kill it off

It just seems that the process created by CreateProcess cannot
create a child!! anyone any ideas at all ?


Peb (Peter Bailey)

We are all in the gutter.. but some of us are looking at the stars


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Does anyone know the cause and workaround to resolve this?


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