oracle context vs pc docs

oracle context vs pc docs

Post by Martin McGre » Fri, 06 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Could someone please give me an idea how Oracle context works. We have a
consultant in at our office and I've told him that any RDBMS we use to
integrate all systems has to have full-text searching capability.

He is telling me that MS SQL server with PC Docs is the solution I am
looking for. I argued with him that while such a product might be able to
search for the term "sports writer" in all the collective agreements on the
server, that it wouldn't search for that term amongst only those agreements in
the M_edia sector and in ON_tario (two fields I'd have in the database).
This is my understanding of the limitations of a "pointer" system.

Am I correct in my assumption? I am biased towards Oracle after reading an
MIT paper I downloaded off the web: "how to be a web * just like me,"
Ch. 11.

Any arguments you can share with me will either put me straight or
possibly help me out. I'm fighting a losing battle at the office. When you
pay consultants big bucks the tendency of management is to think they must
be right, otherwise they're not getting their money's worth.

martin mcgreal

Martin McGreal


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