ISP with Oracle?

ISP with Oracle?

Post by Tom Mettlin » Thu, 22 Jan 1998 04:00:00


I want to set up a web site using Oracle Webserver, and I'm looking for
a web hosting service that has Oracle Webserver for use by it's
clients.  Does anyone know of any?

Tom Mettling

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1. NY-White Plains- ISP Development, Java, C++, Corba, Tuxedo, Oracle

Project: Transaction Processing / Distributed based Software
Job Location: White Plains , New York
Area code: (914)
Contact: John Vail

Skills desired: ISP Development, Java, C++, Corba, Tuxedo, Oracle,
C++, OOP, UNIX, OLTP, Encina (a plus), DCE  

Job Description:

We  are looking  to hire  a Software Engineer with a strong  
background in ISP Development, Java, C++, Corba, Tuxedo, Oracle,
Unix, NT and DCE. Candidate will be part of team developing and
deploying new features for an ISP development effort. Knowledge of
Transaction Middleware software is desirable.  Candidate should have a
strong background in the latest development tools for the internet and
internet provider industry.

If you wish to send a resume please email  Mr. John Vail at  

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