ValueStream Chinese Search Engine, great for indexing Chinese Oracle Databases

ValueStream Chinese Search Engine, great for indexing Chinese Oracle Databases

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 26/PRNewswire/--Interactive Personal
Offering (IPO Inc.) today announces the release of the ValueStream
Asian Language Search Engine.  No longer are Asian language users
confined to queries outside of their native languages.  With the
ValueStream multi-byte search engine, Asian language users can now
search Asian language sites like they never could before.
        There is a growing need for search tools to support users
whose primary language is not English, according to IPO's President
Willy C. Wong.
        "Simply take a look at most webpages created in Asia today.
The reason that there isn't a search button at most sites is not
because the users don't want to search, instead it's because there
aren't effective search engines being offered to Asian language
users," states Wong.
        "This isn't just an Internet problem, but it affects searches
through corporate intranet and extranet data as well," Wong adds.
        The ValueStream multi-byte search and index engine works with
both single-byte ASCII languages like English and most Western
tongues as well as double-byte languages which make up the majority
of Asian languages to offer true bilingual searches.  Many Asian
sites consists of a mixture of English and Asian language
documents.  The ValueStream search engine is intelligent enough to    
sort through both languages.  Results from the search queries are
returned in a weighted and sorted format.
        Very often, keyword searches are not robust enough to find
what the user is looking for.  Searches done by topic and phrase
tend to be more natural to user of Asian languages.  The
ValueStream search engine is the only search engine that will
bilingually search all three types (keyword, topic and phrase).
        Another key feature of the ValueStream search engine is its
advanced word segmentation and tagging features.  Because Asian
languages do not separate their written words with spaces like
Western languages, it becomes difficult to understand where a word
begins and where it ends.  Precise neural network learning,
automatic segmentation and part of speech tagging allows the
ValueStream search engine to bypass this ambiguous problem area.
        Unlike some search engines that only support flat database
files or collections of HTML files, the ValueStream search engine
offers support for leading relational database management systems
like Oracle and Informix.  Not only an Internet tool, the
ValueStream engine can be used in intranet and extranet
environments to index table data inside an Oracle database, for
example.  In addition, ValueStream also supports enterprise-
strength web servers like Oracle Web Application Server and
Netscape Enterprise Server.
        Not only can the ValueStream search engine index existing
databases, with its intuitive robot search crawler the ValueStream
search engine can be used to propagate databases.  The robot can
visit different language-encoded sites and will be able to index
all the various contents.  Unlimited searches are possible.
        Initial languages supported by the ValueStream engine include
English, Chinese Big5 and Chinese GB encoding all in a single
graphical user interface.  Additional languages like Japanese and
Korean will be added in the coming months.
        The ValueStream search engine currently supports the
Sun Solaris platform with a Windows NT version due later in the

provides Asian language search engines and advanced navigational
technology for personalized access to Internet, intranet and
extranet resources.  Our focus is in meeting the needs of users in
the Asian Pacific countries, which represent the largest group of
people in the world.  IPO's ValueStream narrowcasting Asian
language search engine technology is implemented in GlobePage
(, an Asian culture-focused search site
that provides users with very individualized information retrieval
from the most comprehensive collection of Pacific Rim resources.
Formed in 1996, IPO Inc. is headquartered at 220 Bush Street, Suite
820, San Francisco, CA 94104-3510.  The company can be reached on
the World Wide Web at

IPO Inc., the IPO logo, To-The-Point, Internationally Powered, and
ValueStream are trademarks of Interactive Personal Offering, Inc.

        /CONTACT:  Andrew Lee, Director of Marketing, Interactive
Personal Offering, Inc., (415) 658-5493, FAX (415) 658-5495, E-mail


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