Configuration Management tools for Oracle/SQL database definitions?

Configuration Management tools for Oracle/SQL database definitions?

Post by Nels P. Olse » Tue, 21 Jan 1997 04:00:00

We are a software vendor of a large, integrated application suite.
The (Oracle) database definition evolves rapidly, and is currently
nearing 1000 tables.  Several years ago we wrote our own upgrade
utility, but it does not handle Oracle 7 features (triggers,
stored procedures, integrity constraints).  It also deals poorly
with LONG datatypes.

To complicate matters, we keep the current database definition
in a database itself.  Our in-house upgrade utilities compare
an existing database definition to the abtract definition in our
"database definition database", and generate appropriate SQL DDL
statements to reconcile that existing database's structure to
the "official release" definition.

We'd rather use a 3rd party solution rather than enhance our
home-brew tools.  Do commercial tools like this exist?
Has anyone else attempted to create utilities to upgrade
SQL database definitions from one arbitrary configuration to
Nels P. Olsen
Senior Software Engineer
Penta Technologies, Inc.


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