SNMP Agent for OAS on NT

SNMP Agent for OAS on NT

Post by Cedric Blonde » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


we wonder if OAS for Win NT is shipped with a SNMP(v2) agent giving
access to the appplication server state ?
If so, where can we find the associated MIB ?

(the 'Admin' doc of OAS 4.0.7 refered to a SNMP agent for Solaris only ;
 and it is no longer mentioned in this doc for OAS

Thanks for your help.

Cedric Blondel


1. Setup SNMP Agent (snmp.ora)

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Hi folks,

does anybody know how to properly setup the Oracle SNMP agent and/or can
supply an appropriate 'snmp.ora'?

Many thanx,

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