8I EE on RH 6.0: can't specify MAXEXTENTS UNLIMITED

8I EE on RH 6.0: can't specify MAXEXTENTS UNLIMITED

Post by Kevin O'Gorma » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Surely I'm doing something wrong.  I'm quite new to Oracle, so be

I've just installed 8i EE on a fresh RH 6.0 system.  I copied some of
the commands from the scripts
that made my database because I want to create my own tablespace.  For
some reason, the
MAXEXTENTS UNLIMITED that I copied is unacceptable to svrmgrl.  It
complains of an
illegal value.  When I remove that phrase, the commands go through.

Any hints?



1. Oracle 8i EE on Linux: can't set MAXEXTENTS UNLIMITED.

I'm really new to Oracle, so I'm hoping this is an easy question.

I just got 8i up on RedHat 6.0 (unmodified).  I built a database.  I'm
about to set up some more
tablespaces, but when I include MAXEXTENTS UNLIMITED in the
command (under svrmgrl)  it complains about and illegal value for
MAXEXTENTS.  If I take out
that phrase, leaving MINEXTENTS 1 and  PCTINCREASE 0, it goes through

This seems really peculiar, because I had cut-and-pasted this from the
script that created my

Any clues?


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